5 most expensive Inter Miami transfers of all-time

  • Inter Miami were only founded in 2019
  • They have had to spend big in a short period of time
  • But who are 5 most expensive Inter Miami transfers of all-time?
Inter Miami CF v New York City Football Club
Inter Miami CF v New York City Football Club / Ira L. Black - Corbis/GettyImages

Inter Miami are keen spenders in the transfer market. Since they were founded in 2018, The Herons wanted to be an instant hit and to do so, they were forced into becoming big spenders. The strategy clearly worked since they are one of the best teams in MLS and of course, they attracted huge talent such as Lionel Messi. That said, who are 5 most expensive Inter Miami transfers of all-time?

5 most expensive Inter Miami transfers of all-time

5. Julian Carranza ($5.8m)

Before Lionel Messi, Inter Miami made a pretty hefty investment into another Argentine forward, Julian Carranza. They signed Carranza from Greater Buenos Aires side Banfield.

However, the investment did not pay dividends for The Herons. Instead, they likely regret the purchase and the player likely regrets signing for Inter Miami. Now, he is a permanent Philadelphia Union forward and he is scoring goals for fun.

His success elsewhere is painful to see from a Heron standpoint but as the old saying goes, you win some and you lose some. The Carranza investment was almost certainly a loss.

4. Tomas Aviles ($6.7m)

Moving onto a more positive note, Tomas Aviles was signed from Racing Club in 2023. Another Argentine at Inter but this time, he plays in the back-line. He was signed as a teenager but he plays with plenty of maturity in the defensive zone.

Aviles certainly has what it takes to become a star and Inter Miami hope that he sticks with them. Right now, he is a mainstay in the Heron roster.

3. Federico Redondo ($8m)

Due to the unfortunate injury for Facundo Farías, the Herons were forced into considering another young Argentine option, where they opted to sign Federico Redondo from Argentinos Juniors.

It is still too early to comment on his success in an Inter Miami jersey but given that he was signed for $8m and frequents the Argentine youth system at international level, he certainly has a high ceiling.

2. Matias Pellegrini ($8.8m)

Inter Miami's second biggest investment in the club's short history is Matias Pellegrini. However, from both the player's and club's perspective, it was an investment which would have been better avoided.

Pellegrini spent three years with Inter Miami, making just 19 league appearances and spending most of his time on loan. He also represented NYCFC for a brief period of time after leaving The Herons.

1. Rodolfo Pizarro ($11.7m)

Inter Miami's most expensive investment happened just before their first MLS season. They signed Rodolfo Pizarro from Liga MX side Monterry. He spent three years as a Heron and while he showed shades of quality, it ultimately wasn't to be for the club-record signing. He then left as a free agent in 2023, playing in Europe for the first time.