How will Luis Suarez fit into Inter Miami's team?

Amid a relatively quiet off-season, Inter Miami is positioning itself to add one more attacking option for the 2024 season.
Gremio's Luis Suarez is one step closer to signing a deal to join Inter Miami in January.
Gremio's Luis Suarez is one step closer to signing a deal to join Inter Miami in January. / SILVIO AVILA/GettyImages
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Inter Miami Landscape Is Different

In the summer, there were no slots for Suarez to occupy.

Plus, Gremio wasn’t about to let him out of his contract early to make the move to South Florida.

Now, Inter Miami has the designated player spots — however, the latest is that the squad will not use a spot for Suarez, rather focus TAM money to bring him aboard.

If that’s truly the case, Inter will keep a designated player spot open for someone else and still get Suarez on a one-year deal.

That’s smart because the other factor in the deal is that Suarez suffers from recurring knee issues that will either shorten his playing time in the 2024 season or limit him to play for just one more year.

The hurdle of Suarez’s contract with Gremio becomes a non-factor in January because that’s when the Brazilian season is over, along with that contract.

So, when the transfer season opens, Suarez will be out of contract with Gremio and Inter Miami can splash some TAM to bring him to South Florida.

The biggest question now is how he fits with the team.

Well, the knee injury likely means he won’t be an “every day” starter for the Herons, but rather one that either subs on in the second half or starts sporadically — like once every two weeks or so.

He already has a working relationship with Messi, so fitting into Tata Martino’s system should not be a stretch.

Toss in Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba and Inter Miami has a very strong Latin contingent on the pitch for the new season. Add in a healthy Gregore in the midfield to go along with attacking options from Robert Taylor, Leonardo Campana and others (not to mention whoever else Inter Miami brings in the transfer season) and the Herons are gearing up for success in 2024.

Roll on, la familia… roll on.