If You’re Waiting For A Messi Inter Miami Jersey, You’re Going to Have to Wait

Perhaps you didn’t want to take a chance on buying an official Lionel Messi shirt from overseas. That’s okay, but you’re going to be waiting a while before one is available in the States.
US club Inter Miami signs Argentine superstar Messi
US club Inter Miami signs Argentine superstar Messi / Anadolu Agency/GettyImages

The arrival of Lionel Messi in Miami has brought a storm to soccer. It all started just after Messi confirmed joining the Herons.

After scoring three goals in the first two matches, Messi turned the storm into a tornado. To see the impact, just take a look at the jersey sales of Inter Miami.

You Want A Jersey? Not Going to Happen… Yet

Getting a Messi jersey for Inter Miami is one of the most challenging tasks these days.

It was heard that the 'Heartbeat Kit' of the Vice City was sold out within a few hours after its arrival.

Reports suggest that the selling rate of Herons' jerseys rose up to 25 times higher after signing Lionel Messi.

Online pre-booking for the jersey costs $160, but you have to wait until mid-October to get it. The official sponsor, Adidas, mentioned difficulties in fulfilling the huge demand for Messi's jersey.

Inter Miami's Messi jersey has been selling like hot cakes and is officially sold out in the U.S. / GIORGIO VIERA/GettyImages

Usually, it takes six months to get a jersey after order confirmation, but Adidas is trying to expedite the process. Still, fans have to wait until September.

This frenzy began in June after Messi's statement of joining Inter Miami. The six-month jersey stock was sold out in a single day.

Though not entirely new for Adidas, they faced a similar situation when delivering the Three Star Argentine Jersey after winning the World Cup.

In both cases, the cause was the 'Messi Effect.' This man has become the brand ambassador of World Soccer. The reigning World Cup Golden Ball winner has achieved football greatness at just 35 years of age.

Inter Miami co-owner David Beckham had been trying to convince Messi to play for Miami since 2018, and the moment finally came after Barcelona failed to sign him. Laporte's financial crisis brought the GOAT to Miami.

Leagues Cup 2023: Cruz Azul v Inter Miami CF
Everyone wants a Lionel Messi Inter Miami shirt, but they are out of stock in the U.S. until October. / Hector Vivas/GettyImages

Adidas strives to complete jersey deliveries as early as possible to meet the fans' demand.

They made an agreement with all MLS clubs to bring their jerseys to the market for the next 10 years, valued at around $830 million.

"The jersey selling of this club has risen up to 25 times, and the Number 10 Jersey of Messi was sold out after a few hours of arrival. We have been working with this brand for a long time, and we are doing our level best to fulfill the jersey demand. Our primary goal is to deliver at least a single piece to everyone who wants to buy the jersey."

Adidas on Messi shirt sales

Needless to say, it’s going to take some time before you can purchase an Inter Miami Lionel Messi official jersey in the U.S.

Perhaps now you want to take a chance on buying overseas?