Inter Miami Boss Tata Martino Speaks Truth On Lionel Messi Absence

Sometimes players get tired. I mean, it’s not like they get a ton of rest when you have regular season and international play all back-to-back, right?

Inter Miami manager Tata Martino addresses the media during a regular news conference in Ft. Lauderdale.
Inter Miami manager Tata Martino addresses the media during a regular news conference in Ft. Lauderdale. / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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Inter Miami’s Tata Speaks Truth

So, arguably the best player in the world sits out a match and the world’s football media gets set on fire.

But, one of the reasons I like Inter Miami manager Tata Martino is his uncanny ability to calm fire-breathing reporters who are just grabbing at headlines and clicks on their stories.

He was asked Tuesday about Messi’s impending absence from the pitch for Argentina and was pretty straightforward about it:

"It does not seem like anything important, some symptoms of fatigue, at least that’s the information we have. We will know more today."

Tata Martino, Inter Miami manager

Again, fatigue. Nothing more, nothing less.

There’s a good reason for that.

Since joining Inter Miami in July, Messi has played 11 matches between the Leagues Cup title run, U.S. Open Cup semifinals and resumption of Major League Soccer play.

So, in a month-and-a-half, Messi effectively moved his family to South Florida, trained, played in 11 matches and managed to return to Argentina for international duty.

Lionel Messi
Inter Miami and Argentina forward Lionel Messi works around a pair of Ecuadorian defenders in a recent CONMEBOL World Cup qualifier in Buenos Aires. / Marcelo Endelli/GettyImages

I think fatigue is pretty justified at this point.

The fanatical world soccer media would have you believe Messi is either on life support or, at best, on the verge of caving to the intense schedule since coming to Inter Miami.

Tata is most likely right… It’s nothing more than a grown man being a little tired and needing a break from a hectic schedule.

Heck, we complain if we don’t get our two days off every week. Messi and the rest of the Inter Miami squad are fortunate to get one day off during the season, let alone two.

I think he deserved a seat on the Argentina bench in Bolivia. Just like Inter Miami against Sporting Kansas City, La Albiceleste wound up doing just fine without him.

Roll on, La Familia!