Inter Miami’s China Trip Was Doomed to Fail

This week, Inter Miami officially announced its road trip to China was off due to “unforeseen circumstances.” Probably better off that way.
Lionel Messi and Inter Miami won't be going to China after all. And that's not a bad thing.
Lionel Messi and Inter Miami won't be going to China after all. And that's not a bad thing. / Matt Kelley/GettyImages
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Inter Miami Calls Off Trip to China

Things started to go downhill for this expedition when the first game of the series against Qingdao Hainiu had to be moved to a different location for whatever reason.

The train finally went off the rails last week when the second match was canceled by organizers of the trip — not Inter Miami — for “various reasons.”

I have no idea what that means, but in the end, the entire trip was called off, which has been confirmed by the club.

There’s no idea whether Inter Miami will attempt another tour in the off-season or just stay in the sunny confines of South Florida.

But, that’s not a bad thing… and here’s why.

One of Inter Miami’s potential opponents, Qingdao Hainiu is fourth from the bottom of the Chinese Super League — winless in its last three with only one win in its last five matches.

With 27 points this season, they are 33 points from the top team in the league.

The other, Chengdu Rongcheng, is in fifth in the league, just 10 points from the top spot.

My problem would be taking Inter Miami’s players and matching them against a team that has no business being on the same pitch… I’m referring to the team that me, Ken and nine other people could likely play and be competitive against… as Inter Miami.

I would not be willing to risk injury to my squad just to gain some fans and jersey sales.

Plus, this would have been a very short turnaround from the end of the MLS regular season to flying a day to China, playing two matches and coming home.

As we saw at the end of the season, players need rest and a good off-season working together in training to make a run in 2024.

So, for me, it’s good that this trip was canceled.

But, I could be wrong.

Roll on, la familia, roll on.