Luis Suarez-Lionel Messi Reunion Closer to Reality

We mentioned a few months ago that Lionel Messi’s former Barcelona teammate Luis Suarez wasn’t coming to Inter Miami… yet. However, reports suggest the move is now closer to happening.

Gremio striker Luis Suarez could be a step closer to joining former Barcelona teammate Lionel Messi at Inter Miami.
Gremio striker Luis Suarez could be a step closer to joining former Barcelona teammate Lionel Messi at Inter Miami. / Pedro H. Tesch/GettyImages
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Suarez-To-Miami Heating Up

As I mentioned in July, I like Suarez. I’ve liked him as a player since he suited up for Liverpool.

But, at the time (meaning July), a move to South Florida not only wasn’t in the cards, but wasn’t really good business for the Herons.

But, times have since changed.

First, Inter Miami’s roster has been changed since the end of the regular season.

Josef Martinez has been shown the door (and I’m not really disagreeing with this move), paving the way for someone to take the third designated player spot on the team.

The second involves Suarez’s contract with Gremio.

That contract will conclude in January 2024, meaning Inter Miami has the spot and Suarez will be out of contract, leading to a move to Inter Miami in the winter.

The rumor mill suggests Suarez will sign a one-year deal with Inter Miami with the option to extend the contract for a second season.

The biggest question here is whether this makes sense for Inter Miami. Of course, it does make sense for Suarez.

Here we have a striker who may, or may not be past his prime on the pitch. He has a great relationship with Messi (which is pretty obvious), but does he have enough in the tank to go a full season at Inter?

I get that Brazilian football is a bit different from the MLS and it’s likely Suarez will fit in nicely along with Messi, Busquets and whoever else Tata Martino puts up front.

I just want to make sure whoever we get for that slot is up to the task… provides support for the front line… and doesn’t get injury-prone to the point where the investment wasn’t worth it.

I’m not suggesting there are other options out there. There are, I’m sure, but it is clear that if this happens it’s because Messi and Co. want it to.

I certainly hope, if it is true, that it proves to be yet another blockbuster signing by the club that gets us one step closer to the playoffs, Champions Cup title and whatever other hardware is available next season.

Roll on, la familia, roll on.