Maybe Inter Miami Is Going After Some Youth After All

Inter Miami has crossed the age barrier with some recent signings. But, if rumors are true, there may be some youth in the mix after all.
Inter Miami midfielder Facundo Farias is part of a crop of youth the squad has brought in to offset its veterans.
Inter Miami midfielder Facundo Farias is part of a crop of youth the squad has brought in to offset its veterans. / Michael Miller/ISI Photos/GettyImages
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Inter Miami Going South of the Border for Midfield Options

The first big rumor for Inter Miami was that they were going after Uruguayan international Nicolas Lodeiro.

However, that appears to be a false rumor as the 34-year-old midfielder is apparently negotiating with Inter Miami rival Orlando City SC.

I’m good with that. It’s not that I don’t think Lodeiro would fit with Tata Martino, Messi and the rest of Inter Miami.

I just think it’s a good idea to balance the investment of experience with youth.

Which makes the latest rumor a bit more tantalizing for me.

Enter Boca Juniors central midfielder Cristian Medina.

At 21, the Argentine U-23 international already has five trophies to his tally in his short stint with Juniors.

Now, he is rumored to be in the crosshairs of Inter Miami to bolster the midfield for the Herons.

During his time with Boca Juniors, Medina has helped the side win the 2022 Argentinian championship, the 2022 Argentina Super Cup, the 2020 Argentina Cup and the La Liga (Argentina’s La Liga) Professional Cup.

Oh, let’s not forget Medina being part of the 2019 Argentina U17 side that won the U-17 South American championship.

Medina started his professional career with Boca Juniors’ U20 side and moved to the Boca Juniors II squad in 2019.

He completed the move to Boca Juniors’ main squad in 2020 and has been there ever since.

So, he has experience but that experience doesn’t come with an AARP membership.

But, Inter Miami isn’t alone in its interest. Reports suggest that Brazilian Serie A side Botofogo has expressed interest along with Premier League’s Nottingham Forest.

Nothing is a done deal, but I love the potential here.

Having players with great potential upside like Farias and Medina being taught by Busquets is something that sounds very appealing to me.

Plus, if it all were to pan out, Farias and Medina could be the making of an extremely strong midfield long after Busquets has left.

Nothing is final yet, but this is one of the most exciting rumors for Inter Miami I’ve heard so far this silly season.