No, Antoine Griezmann Isn’t Coming to Inter Miami Either

We’ve covered these rumors for the better part of the summer… and we have another. Yet another European player is linked to Inter Miami, but this one isn’t happening either.
Atletico Madrid forward Antoine Griezmann has been linked to a move to MLS and Inter Miami.
Atletico Madrid forward Antoine Griezmann has been linked to a move to MLS and Inter Miami. / Angel Martinez/GettyImages
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French International Linked to Inter Miami

The latest link to Inter Miami is none other than Atletico Madrid forward Antoine Griezmann.

Of note, as I was writing this, Griezmann was nominated for the Ballon d’Or:

Spanish publication Sport said the French World Cup winner has already received interest from “several” Major League Soccer clubs.

One thing to keep in mind is that Griezmann is under contract with Rojiblancos through 2026, meaning Atletico would have to get a pretty impressive offer to let him leave.

That said, the side wouldn’t want to pass up the opportunity to collect some kind of transfer fee rather than let him leave for free when his contract was up.

All of that said, it is highly unlikely that Griezmann would make a move to South Florida for a few reasons:

  • Where would Inter Miami put him? The Herons would have to dispatch of some of their current attacking options, like Josef Martinez or Robert Taylor in order to make room for Griezmann, not just on the roster but on the field. He would also have to be classified as a designated player, so that would mean Martinez would have to go. That’s not outside the realm of possibility, but there are other issues that prevent Griezmann from coming.
  • How would Inter Miami pay him? Let’s be honest, Griezmann is solid, but Inter Miami isn’t going to pony up Lionel Messi dollars to get him to South Florida. That’s not to say some other team won’t, but I just don’t see Inter Miami trying to make that work.
  • What about Luis Suarez? Yes, I’m bringing this tired rumor back up because it is certainly possible that reports of Suarez ending his Gremio contract in January to join Inter Miami are legit. If it were, and Inter Miami were interested, you still have the same issues of a place on the squad and an international slot on the roster. Suarez might have questionable knees, but he would come to Inter Miami on a free transfer whereas Griezmann would not.

I, for one, would love to see a player with Griezmann’s credentials land in Major League Soccer.

In Griezmann you have a player with a World Cup, UEFA SuperCup, Europa League title, UEFA Nations League title, Spanish Cup, Spanish Super Cup and a European U-19 title to his credit.

Those accolades go along with winning Player of the Year in 2016, top goal scorer in Euro 2016 and Footballer of the Year in 2016.

He would be a great addition to any side in MLS, but it’s just not going to be Inter Miami.

Roll on, La Familia, roll on.