The Daily Heron: Comparing Beckham’s and Messi’s impacts on MLS, Puerto Rico calls up Inter Miami trio

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A statue of Inter Miami owner David Beckham, whose arrival at L.A. Galaxy changed Major League Soccer, outside the L.A. Galaxy’s stadium.
A statue of Inter Miami owner David Beckham, whose arrival at L.A. Galaxy changed Major League Soccer, outside the L.A. Galaxy’s stadium. / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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Inter Miami CF License Plate Vouchers Now Available

Over the years, I’ve had a couple of sports-branded license plate holders, but never the plate itself; I’ve rarely been a committed supporter of teams in my state of residence, or I haven’t had the spare cash. It’s silly, I know, but I’ve always thought I’d like to make that kind of commitment. You know, make it official: “See my license plate with my team’s logo and colors? I’m a serious fan, just check it out!”

And now, I’m sure. I want to be with Club Internacional de Futbol Miami, After all we’ve been through together these past couple of years, I think we’re ready for a plate.

Miami's new soccer team Inter Miami CF
No, this isn’t what the license plate looks like. Imagine just the herons to the left of the tag number, and it’s close. / Anadolu Agency/GettyImages

Trouble is, they are not yet available. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has to sell 3,000 pre-sale vouchers before they’ll make the plates.

So, let’s do this, IMCF! Sales of the plate will benefit the IMCF Foundation, which focuses its good works in South Florida, with an emphasis on helping children. It’s for a good cause, and the black plates with pink and white features will look awesome on my grayish-silver Toyota. The following info is from the club’s website:

“Pre-sale vouchers for the official Inter Miami CF specialty license plates are on sale now! Proceeds of each voucher sold will go towards the Inter Miami CF Foundation and will be used directly for community programming in South Florida, specifically on youth enrichment initiatives to benefit the underserved and at-risk kids in our community. Help Inter Miami CF reach our sales goal of 3,000 vouchers and see the official Inter Miami CF Specialty License Plate become a reality!

You can purchase an official Inter Miami CF specialty license plate voucher online by visiting the Escambia County Tax Collector website and following the requirements listed on their website. Escambia County Tax Collector Scott Lunsford services the entirety of Florida.

Inter Miami CF Fans can purchase pre-sale vouchers in person by visiting any local tax collector or tag agency office. For convenience, a list of locations can be found here.”