What Inter Miami’s Lionel Messi Plans to Do In Retirement

Perish the thought, La Familia. But, it’s certainly not out of the question for Inter Miami’s Lionel Messi to start looking ahead to retirement… even if we aren’t ready.
Inter Miami forward Lionel Messi maneuvers around Toronto FC defenders in a recent MLS match.
Inter Miami forward Lionel Messi maneuvers around Toronto FC defenders in a recent MLS match. / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages
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So, What’s Messi’s Answer to The Retirement Question?

As it would happen, he was asked the question about what his plans were for retirement.

Remember, as part of his deal to come to Inter Miami, he does have an option to buy into the club and be a part-owner along with David Beckham and the Mas brothers.

But it seems that, according to Football Espana, Messi isn’t necessarily contemplating his plans for retirement… yet.

"I haven’t thought about it and I don’t want to think about it either. I want to continue enjoying what I do. I took an important step leaving Europe behind. I don’t want to think about the next step, but about enjoying what I like most, which is playing."

Lionel Messi, Inter Miami forward

Well, the fact that he is in no mind to think about is retirement plans is certainly a relief to both Inter Miami and La Familia.

It seems his passion remains for playing and hanging up his boots isn’t on the table.

When pressed a bit more, he did give some insight into life after football:

"I don’t know what I’ll do, I like everything related to football, I like being with kids, teaching, also being a sports director, but I don’t know where I’m going to go."

Lionel Messi, Inter Miami forward

Nothing against current Inter Miami sporting director Chris Henderson, but if Messi’s goal is to be a sporting director, that would be an absolute coup for the Herons.

He could also take his ownership stake in the club and return to his boyhood side, Newell’s Old Boys or even take a role with Argentina’s national team.

I could certainly see the latter becoming more of a reality.

After all, Messi has God-like status in his home country and could go a long way to helping either the national team or Newell’s.

All of that while reaping the benefits of being a club owner in South Florida… where he just bought a $10 million property in Ft. Lauderdale.

Either way, it is certainly great to hear that Messi has no plans for retirement… yet.

Roll on, La Familia. Roll on.