Inter Miami Makes Quality Signing in Julian Gressel

The two-time Major League Soccer Cup champion strengthens Inter Miami’s midfield, but still leaves a massive gap in its defensive line.
Former Columbus Crew midfielder Julian Gressel has signed a deal to join Inter Miami.
Former Columbus Crew midfielder Julian Gressel has signed a deal to join Inter Miami. / Kirk Irwin/GettyImages
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What Gressel Doesn’t Bring to Inter Miami


It is the one thing we’ve harped on since the end of the 2023 season: Inter Miami needs more quality on the backline.

Gressel is a great signing and should fit in well with Martino and the Herons, but he is a much more prolific offensive midfielder than a defensive one.

That doesn’t mean Gressel can’t step up and drift back on defense, but that’s not really his specialty.

He doesn’t rate among the best in MLS in duels or interceptions — not that he should but it would be nice if he did.

Again, I like the addition of Gressel to the squad. He brings a presence and the right kind of experience to the table, but this team is sorely lacking in strong defenders right now.

If it’s MLS Cup or bust, the club needs to address its back line now.

Rumor Update: There is some more movement on the midfield front as Inter Miami is rumored to be accelerating its negotiations with Boca Juniors midfielder Cristian Medina.

I mentioned Medina in an earlier post here.

He’s a sharp, 21-year-old Argentine international that has five trophies to his name in just a short time with Boca Juniors.

Since joining the senior side of the Argentine club, he’s been a mainstay in defense, helping the team win the 2022 Argentinian championship, the 2022 Argentina Super Cup, the 2020 Argentina Cup and the La Liga Professional Cup.

I’m pretty stoked about this because Medina is not only young, but extremely talented.

But, again, he is more of an offensive threat than a defensive challenge.

It seems the club’s mantra for the 2024 season is just to score more goals than the opposition.

That’s exciting if you are big on offense, but is challenging if you are looking for good, all-around football on the pitch.

But, I could be wrong.